Wargame Red Dragon: Double Nation Pack : Reds

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Plateforme : PC
Type de jeu : Strategy Game
Année de production : 2016

Production : Eugen System, Focus Home Interactive

Travaux réalisés par W.A.P STUDIO :
  • Sound design
  • Voice Edit

  • Client :

    Eugen System

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    Jeu video

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    Sound design, Voice Edit, jeu video

    Wargame Red Dragon: Double Nation Pack : Reds

    Double Nation Pack: Reds is bringing a total of 186 new units for the Yugoslav & Finnish nations to Wargame: Red Dragon. Yugoslavia is a highly-mechanized fighting force, with powerful tanks and many indigenous assault aircrafts. Finland's reconnaissance is a small army by itself, providing a wide array of choices, introducing a new unit type: ATV riders!