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Jeu vidéo
Plateforme : PC/Mac, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch
Type de jeu : Lifestyle
Année de production : 2020

Production : Microids, Magic Pockets

Travaux réalisés par W.A.P STUDIO :
  • Sound design
  • Composition musicale
  • Production musicale

  • Client :

    Magic Pockets, Microid

    Category :

    Jeu video

    Mots clés :

    Sound design, bruitage, musique, jeu video

    Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness

    stimulate your brain!
    Train the different areas of your brain such as your memory, concentration or your 3D visualization with colorful challenges. Play with a wide range of mini-games, with four different play modes, alone or with your friends! Also rediscover famous games in a Rubik’s version with 2048, Tetrubik and more!

    Your own brain coach.
    Professor Rubik’s is there to be your dedicated coach. He will track your training, adapt your training program and be a true coach for you. With him on your side, you won’t miss a single day of training and progress faster than ever!