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Jeu video
Plateforme : PC/Mac, PS4, XBox One, Switch
Type de jeu : Life simulation
Année de production : 2021

Production : Microids, Magic Pockets

Travaux réalisés par W.A.P STUDIO :
  • Sound design
  • Composition musicale
  • Production musicale

  • Client :

    Magic Pockets

    Category :

    Jeu video

    Mots clés :

    Sound design, bruitage, musique, jeu video

    My Universe: Interior designer

    Become the best teacher in town

    Play as a young teacher with a mission: bringing your new school back to the top! Motivate your pupils, improve their results and organize school contests and festivals. Become a model teacher as you take care of more difficult classes, win prizes and complete the director’s objectives, unlocking new items along the way.

    Manage your classroom and your pupils
    Teach your pupils about geometry, biology, art and much more – each discipline featuring its own minigame. Every student in your classroom has unique strengths and weaknesses: adapt your teaching to make sure they can follow and learn in the best conditions.

    Your school, your experience
    Customize your character, your classroom and even the school! Unlock new items and bigger classrooms by mastering the various minigames and improve your teaching skills until you can create your dream school experience.

    - More than a dozen activities across every part of the school: main classroom, science lab, workshop, music stage…

    - Unique learning skills for each of your pupils: help them improve when they struggle in class!

    - Follow your weekly planning or explore the school freely to find new quests and objectives

    - Participate to school contests and festivals with your students to win new items and prizes

    - Full customization: choose your school name and logo, create your character, decorate your classroom to make it your own!